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Emiliana Martinelli was born in Lucca, she obtains a diploma at the School of Art of Lucca – Ceramics Division and afterwards a diploma of Industrial Design at ISIA of Florence, a city where she then obtains a degree in Architecture. Immediately after having obtained the degree, she starts working for the family company, established in the 30s by her grandfather Plinio and afterwards enlarged by her father Emilio and steered in the 50s towards the design and the production of lamps. Together with him, her main teacher,  she starts  a long collaboration developing together the techniques and the products which characterized the production by Martinelli Luce over the years.
Emiliana Martinelli is chairwoman of Martinelli Luce and, within the company, she has always carried out a double activity: as an entrepreneur and as a designer and art director taking care of the graphics of the communication and trade materials, as well. She takes care of fitting for stands with which the company introduces itself and takes part to the most important events of the sector, both in Italy and abroad.
Emiliana Martinelli not only develops her plans, some of them were rewarded with international acknowledgments such as IF PRODUCT DESIGN given to Colibrì in 2011 and in 2013 and to the lamp Circolar Pol XXL in 2014, but she also worked together with architects such as 
 Gae Aulenti, Sergio Asti, Luisa Bocchietto  and she still works together with important designers outside her company such as Alfonso Femia, Karim, Rashid, Marc Sadler, Paola Navone, Studio Orlandini, Serge and Robert Cornelissen, Michel Boucquillon.
Recently she also succeeded in selecting some young and very promising deisgners, Brian Sironi, Marco De Santi, Studio 4P1B, so that their products developed by Martinelli Luce obtained several acknowledgements such as IF PRODUCT DESIGN and IF PRODUCT DESIGN GOLD,
Emiliana Martinelli’s activity is also expressed by the design of big sized lighting devices, mainly designed to be used in wide trade spaces such as the series  Circolar Pol, Circular Pol XXL; she personally takes care of the study of devices expressly produced in order to meet special needs of lighting and plants, too. Emiliana is a creative person who loves deftness, she expresses these qualities through hr favorite hobbies as well, graphics, painting and the production of hats and animals using different types of paper and thin board.  

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