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Daniele Balzanelli www.danielebalzanelli.com daniele.balzanelli@gmail.com

Degree in 1997 University of Architecture in Venice (Italy) under arch. Arrigo Rudi, with the thesis "Project of a contemporary art museum and modular system in Mantova (Italy)”.After my degree I started to work in Milan in architectural and industrial design in collaboration with arch. Enrico Davide Bona’s studio and with Rinaldo Nava, owner of Open design in Milan. My experience grew up in both sectors in parallel, and I started to think that the two fields were correlated. I developed my skills in the project making and in the architectural composition and therefore I applied them in several fields spacing from building constructions, objects design, up to complex refurbishment, interior design of business and private spaces, museums and graphic.Professor of architectonic projecting University of Milan, Faculty of Architecture from 2006 
Adolini+Simonini Associati   Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia