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2217/POL/P biconica pol
design Emiliana Martinelli, 2011

Thanks to the Tunable White LED (dynamic white) technology, the Biconica Pol lamp can reproduce the natural course of daylight by the possibility of modulating the color temperature of the LED light sources.
Using the Casambi app, users can "tune” the color of white as needed or desired to values between 2500 K and 6700 K, enhancing the most subtles tonalities and improving the quality of perception. They can achieve high-quality color yield (Ra 90) without altering the colors. The lighting control app makes it possible to quickly and precisely set and modulate the color from Android or Apple smartphones or tablets.
Standing lamp, diffused light, for outdoor use. Structure in rotomolded white polyethylene material.
White or RGB LED light source. Complete with dimmable power adapters with cable and plug for outdoor use. Protection rating: IP65.


Technical Specifications

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family: biconica pol
Utilization: external
Typology: outdoor
floor lamps
Certifications: IP65CEClass 1
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Technical drawing
Technical drawing
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